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HOLDWIN main products are: sandblasting machine, sandblasting room (pill) (to be automatic recovery or artificial recovery), industrial dust remover, the central dust collection system, wet type sandblast machine, shot blasting equipment, shot blasting machine and all kinds of dry and wet sand blasting of non-standard automation line



Hangzhou Shunjie Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is a design, research and development, production, sales, export as one of the professional sandblasting machine factory since 2009.

To be China’s sandblast industry leader ,our products be exported includes Australia, Canada, Russia, Europe and the United States, and other more than 20 countries and regions.
HOLDWIN is our brand ,we also do OEM



  • Principle and Classification of Vibration Grinder (1)

    Processing object : Vibration grinding machines are used in bicycles, aluminum die-casting parts, zinc die-casting parts, furniture hardware, clothing hardware, luggage hardware, glasses accessories, clock and watch accessories, locks, electronic accessories, all kinds of jewelry, jewelry, powder...

  • Difference between sandblasting and shot blasting

    Both process are used to clean the workpiece surface and remove dust.Sand Blasting is an abrasive process used to clean surfaces of rust and debris. Typically it is used prior to a painting or coating process. It uses sharp edged media, or sand, to chisel away at the surface a bit like a chipping...

  • How to Remove Rust with a Sand Blaster

    Sandblasting rust from a car will make it easier to restore and paint. You can use different types of media to sandblast, depending on the metal of the car and the size of the surface. Sandblasting is a necessity before you begin to restore Remove debris from a large workspace that is big enoug...

  • The role of sand blasting machine and shot blasting machine

    Sand blasting equipment play an important role in the process, of course, there are many other industries, many products have been used in sand blasting machine to handle. Sand-blasting machine is the use of compressed air, the sand, high-speed hit by gun nozzle where the surface corrosion produ...

  • Shot Blasting Machine – Applications

    There are numerous applications of shot blasting machines. The first and foremost application is cleaning of castings to remove loose and burnt sand and scale from ferrous and non-ferrous castings. Shot blasting process reduces porosity and increases pressure with standing capacity of aluminium...